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Who are Incendia?

Incendia is a (currently) small guild of Anti-PK's. We strive to protect people from general ganking and dickery.  We take an honorable stance on engagements; we don't mindlessly kill people. This means we wont exploit, kill afk'ers or jump on you and destroy you with no words just because your shield is red.

We are looking for mature active players who share the same morals as us. We are looking for Fighters mostly, but there are a few slots open for crafting and we will be looking for more crafters as we grow.

Our ultimate goal is to be seen as the 'good guys', that our members will be a beacon of safety and security.... As long as you're a good guy too. We don't want to be a zerg by any means, we wish to have elite players in our top ranks. Casual (or less skilled, whichever you prefer =P) players can join us at the lower ranks and can look foward to one day maybe becoming an Incendia Red Knight through practice, experience and training.

We aren't aiming for an empire or war, the latter we are sure will come to us regardless. We aim to have a central guild keep (eventually), where we will be able to respond to major PK incidents effiecntly.

Our stance with solo players and other guilds will depend mostly on their morals and actions. If your guild has similar morals to us, or at least doesn't murder and steal, then we will happily offer a simple military alliance and will discuss trade agreements. We will never suggest a merge or try to take any control from smaller guilds (nor will we accept to be merged into larger guilds). Honorable solo players are free to visit us and hang around with us and trade, we will happily accept any friendly skirmishes or duels (we will even put our views on less honorable guilds aside for friendly duels and skirmishes).
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RichTBiscuit, Jun 26, 10 3:12 PM.
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